DIET is not a four letter word

saladWhat you eat can have a profound effect on how your body deals with a chronic health condition.  It’s a give that we want to heal and be back to our lives before our condition struck.  One of the biggest ways “you” can help facilitate healing is your food choices.  There are some reoccurring themes that show up when fighting any chronic illness such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, Lyme, MS, etc.  Look at the Wahl’s Protocol, Paleo, the Mediterranean diet, AIP and GAPS. Here’s a comparison of 3 diets.  Generally they recommend No dairy, No sugar, lower carbs, No gluten (sometimes grains), eating real food, NO soy, and for some, No nightshades.  What is a nightshade?  Peppers, potatoes, tobacco, eggplant and tomatoes.

Is this helping or hurting?

It’s true you are what you eat, so really think about each bite you put in your mouth.  Is it something that will help you heal or something that tastes good temporarily but hinders your healing?  If you can change your thinking about food and how it has the power to fuel your healing, it makes choices easier.  For years I had to think, “this is fuel, only fuel” because I was on a strict diet to heal my blood sugar issues. gas gauge Do you know the connections between nightshades and inflammation?  Read about that here.  Inflammation is like a slow burn in our bodies, a smoldering fire.  Why add to that flame?

Putting on your Big Girl Panties (sorry guys)

brick wallYes, yes, I know, this is HARD.  I get it, I really do, but we are up against a wall here.  When the going gets tough……. 😉  What if this was something your spouse or your child needed to get well?  Wouldn’t you do EVERYTHING in your power to help them?  I know I would move heaven and earth, if by my effort, I could change some life altering condition for my family.  Well, YOU are worth that kind of effort. 🙂

Giving it a Fair Shake

Here’s the thing—lots of people try giving up dairy, carbs, sugar, nightshades or gluten for a week or even 10 days.  But do you know that some foods can stay in your system for up to 72 hours?  That’s 3 days!  So one little cheat can still be affecting you 3 days later.  When I gave up sugar it took 6 weeks till my body adjusted.  6 weeks!  Don’t sabotage your efforts.  Draw  your line in the sand and don’t cross it.  Keep a journal of how you feel and what you eat.  It can be invaluable when you look back.  But remember 3 or 4 days is not a fair trial.

Setbackswrong way sign

What happens if you make a mistake?  Now is not the time to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  If you eat something not on your diet, it’s NOT the time to say “whatever” and continue eating badly.  Get right back on your routine and don’t beat yourself up.  There will be times when you choose to cheat, but make them few and very very far between.


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