Detox Routine

pillsRight now I’m knee deep in abx treatment  for chronic Lyme and Babesia.  This requires consistent detox.  I’ve done the 23andme testing but don’t understand how to interpret detox results yet.  So for now this is what I do to detox all the little nasties that are hopefully dying off in my body and bloodstream.

3 days a week I sit in the steam sauna after a brief swim.  I’ve had to work up to this one.  saunaIn the beginning I could only stay in the sauna less than a minute.  My ipod is my gauge for time.  Now I’m able to stay in for nearly 3 songs.  May not sound like a lot, but it’s wayyyyyyy more than we I began.  Slow and steady.

On the days I don’t swim I use a dry brush before I shower.

brushThis one has been the hardest to remember to do!  So many times I would get in the shower and then realize I’d forgotten to dry brush.  I now have a sign on my shower door!

Most weekdays I make a quart jar with water, stevia drops and one lemon squeezed in it.  I’ve read to sip this all day, but frankly, I LOVE it and normally have it drank within an hour or two.lemon water

And speaking of water, I drink between 3 and 4 quarts every day, unless we are traveling.  This has been a huge adjustment, because I’m not a water drinker by nature.  I’ve tried all the tricks- fruit in the water, fill the entire days glasses and leave on the counter, fill a pitcher, buy a “fun” water jug.  None of them motivated me to change until I started adding stevia drops to the water. 😉  I love watermelon, apricot nectar, orange, well almost every flavor I’ve tried!

I also have an essential oil blend that I use on the bottom of my feet occasionally at night.  Although I love essential oils, my body does not tolerate repeated use of them, so I do this one sparingly.  The current blend has coconut oil with frankincense, clove and lavender oils in it, I believe.essential oil bottles

Lastly I use a footbath with epsom salt in it.  This one feels soooooo good, it’s just remembering to do it.  I now have an alarm that goes off on my phone every evening at 8:30 to remind me.foot bath

Wow, reading through this sounds like sooooooo much work!  I did not implement them all at once, but one at a time.  Let me encourage you to keep moving forward and make time for detox.

What is your favorite detox method?


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